Go West Coaching Living life with a Plan
Go West CoachingLiving life with a Plan

Insurance-Life, Disability, Health



We now sell insurance! Health, Life insurance- Term Life, disability and Long term care insurance.  There is nothing more responsible or loving than for you to make sure your insurance needs are taken care of while you are alive or if you leave your family behind. Good term life insurance will enable your family to replace the income you bring in if you die or you spouse dies unexpectedly. The only time I will try to sell whole life, or cash value is if you need life insurance and cannot get term. It is not the best product for you! Disability will replace your income if you are injured and are unable to provide financially for your family.   If you live in Georgia, and would like a quote, or have a question, don’t hesitate to call me. 706-840-0992, you can also email me here if you wish.

DISC Personality Profile

We now offer for individuals and businesses the DISC personality profile. Instead of wondering if the personality of a new hire would fit your team, give the the DISC personality profile to get an accurate fit and see how to best use them to work on your team.  Contact Go West Coaching. Phone 706-840-0992

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